[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar E.s.g. - Up Early lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


(*police radio*)

[Hook: Da One – 2x]
Up early in the morning, fuck breakfast time to whip lirik terjemahan arti indonesia E.s.g. - Up Early lyrics download mp3 a bird
Fucking with that boy Action, off the Dirty 3rd
Yeah, it’s going down in these streets
We ain’t got a deal yet, but we still gotta eat

[Da One]
Want it hard or soft, edgy or burnt
Hit me on the chirp, if you need that work
Grip a straight drop, drank or pills
Anything you want, boys got it down here – 2x

I’m up early hang over, my head’s still spinning
Should I vote for Obama, or that bitch Hillary Clinton
Time for pimping, and I ain’t talking bout women
I’m talking about these crooked major labels, in the industry
He calling me down, for a closing left and right
Just got laid off, we need a mill chords E.s.g. - Up Early lyrics lyrics tonight
Yeah the interest rates high, can’t afford a descent home
Even dog food high, got feed em chicken bones
Time to get a chicken homes, I’m talking bout a bizzerp
Some sell izzurp, some sell sizzurp
I can’t blame em, when your family need do’
Convicted of a felony, you better check no
On your application, cause the day you got high
Boss man found out, and now you got fired
Snitches wearing wires, I don’t give a damn
Hopped in a rental van, two hundred grams in my hand
This the contraband land, better get it how ya live
The next thang I know, the task riding by the crib
Got a pack dropped off, that’s a half a thang of soft
Too broke to take a loss, I took off cord kord chord E.s.g. - Up Early lyrics kunci gitar my Randy Moss
Grabbed my watch and my cross, my cash out the stash
Threw the work that I had, in a black duffle bag
Now they run up to the do’, I see em through the blinds
Too fat to hop a fence, I had to try two times
Mr. Brown at work, so I hid behind a truck
Hit Craig on the chirp, come and pick my ass up
See it’s dirty in the South, the bottom of the map
Surviving in the trap, like surviving Iraq
So I pack, for the jackers and the robbers
I’m waiting on my partnas, ah shit here come the chopper
I’m sweating like a slave, I feel my heart pounding
The next thing I hear, we got the place surrounded
Then I thought about the dog, the pit was a mutt
I crawled in the dog house, and pulled the do’ shut
Got big monkey nuts, in my red monkey jeans
Took off my white T, wiped my Air Jordans clean
Then I walked out the dog house, like I ain’t did shit
Dog barking loud, I guess he smelled that half a brick
Did you see a guy running, I told the cops naw
I just came outside, I was bout to feed my dog woof

(*police radio*)

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